Monday, July 18, 2011

The Real Free Advertising

Paid advertising is far better than free advertising, but there is no harm before we spend a lot to advertise
we also try a free way. For example, this site like any other social networking, facebook, twitter, etc., every social networking of course have different from each other, one advantage in we are given a site for managing personal content , such as photos, videos, and blogs.  

This site we do not need to create a status or comment, our task is simply upload photos, videos and blogs, see the photo collection from another member, watch videos or read blogs, from activities that would automatically as the rating: the number of times visited, how many like it, and how response from visitors to content that we have, which is very interesting is monetize, to any content that is selected will be immediately granted access to google adsense, this means that the online activities we have added value but the easy way.
In addition to the friendships we automatically get the income from google adsense.
Ok it's a little review from me, Good luck.
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